Located in Titusville, PA, cunova, formerly Roser Technologies, Incorporated (RTI), provides continuous caster maintenance services to all major steel producers throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico. Cunova designs, manufactures, and refurbishes caster mold and segment components along with other critical parts that are used to manufacture steel.

Cunova was founded by the Roser family in 2001 and currently employs over 160 dedicated employees. Since 2001 cunova has become a leader in Continuous Caster Mold and Segment Repair by increasing the life of our customer’s equipment while decreasing our customer’s downtime and overall maintenance costs. Cunova continues to develop innovative ways to increase the integrity of our customer’s equipment. These innovations have been highlighted by the development of the TC1®, TC4® and Tapered Hardness Nickel® (THN®) Mold Coatings. Customer oriented goals are set in place to help our customers cut costs without decreasing the quality of the workmanship. We have all to the capabilities, expertise, and equipment to complete any job, small or large.

We offer in-house or on-site services for all continuous casters. To support the industry, cunova offers full service mechanical engineering, diagnostic services, as well as large scale general machining and fabrication capabilities. We can implement comprehensive maintenance programs tailored to any Continuous Caster. Skilled technicians are always available for on-site troubleshooting or component installation support.

Cunova houses the best staff in the continuous caster repair industry. Our highly skilled employees take pride in the work they perform. With our dedication and high standards, the quality of work provided by cunova goes unmatched.


  • Technical In-Process Quality Control Technicians
  • Mechanical Maintenance and Assembly Technicians
  • Chemical/ Electroplating Engineer
  • CNC Programming Engineer
  • Design Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Electronic Engineering